Can I claim for a road injury if I’m not wearing a seat belt?

Seat belts are crucial vehicle safety equipment. They save lives and prevent injuries. Wearing a seat belt is important for driver and passenger as well because you cannot prevent many kinds of accidents, but you can spare many injuries resulting from accidents and even save your life.

Each year, one out of five drivers is involved in a car accident. Car accidents are the leading cause of death up to age 44. Other injuries caused by car accidents include head and spinal cord injuries or major injuries to other parts of the body. More than 90 per cent of car drivers believes that using a seat belt is a great way to prevent injuries. It is very difficult to avoid car accidents when the other person is at fault. Consider these few tips to avoid car accidents and what to do should an accident happen to you.

-Drive defensively, don’t tailgate and follow the speed limit posted. Drive even more slowly in case of bad weather.

-Keep your vehicle maintained properly, including proper tire inflation and rotation, working headlights, tail lights and signal lights, and functional horn.

Should an accident happen to you:

-Maintain your composure. Make sure that you and your passengers have not sustained serious injuries. Call emergency number for the police and, if needed, an ambulance.

-Don’t move anyone who may have sustained a back or neck injury. Moving patients with these injuries can cause greater injury. If you have any injury caused through negligent care, look for claims solicitors you can trust.

-Don’t move the vehicle off the road. Instead, divert traffic around the accident.

-Capture photographic evidence of the area of the accident and injuries as well. Take pictures of the vehicle of the other party who caused this accident.

-Contact your insurance company as soon as possible as they can start to resolve your accident claim.

-Never share your photos with anyone, not even with the insurance company. You can share this with the police officer as he can be the best witness for you to get proper compensation. You should exchange only contact information with other driver involved in the car accident. Collect the name, address, phone number, license plate number and driver’s license number.

-The other party or insurance company may directly settle to pay you the minimum compensation against your damages. Or, the other company may not be ready to accept the facts of your case. At that point, involving car claims solicitors is the best option to get your life on track.

-Lawyers are known for helping clients obtain justice. If you are facing difficulties in getting compensation or the insurance company is avoiding you by ignoring your calls, then you should hire a lawyer. Just share with the lawyers whatever information you have collected. Lawyers will do remaining work.

Car accident attorneys specialize in this area of law. They will not only help you in getting compensation for vehicle damages but also they may help you in getting your medical costs and cost of lost wages when an accident forces you to miss work. Everyone benefits from seat belts: you, your insurance company, and all the loved ones in your life.

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