Is Drink & Drug Driving on the Rise in the UK?

Over the past few years, drink & drug driving cases have been increasing. Following an introduction of new tougher laws than before on 2 March 2015, there has been a dramatic rise of drivers caught drug or drink driving across England and Wales. A new and easier roadside swab test is now used to catch drug offenders. This has led to more cases of drug and drink driving.

Despite the fact that drug offenders face serious penalties, drug and drink driving is still increasing. Every year is seeing a rise of almost 50% rise in drug driving cases. Offenders to such cases have few defences to drug and drink driving charges, even with the assistance of solicitors for driving offences. Think about the first-hand evidence collected by police using various drug test equipment.

Motoring offence solicitors in the country have also confirmed that there is a rise in the number of drink and drug driving cases. Solicitors are advising drivers that the police have better methods of catching drug offenders. The police in the country are accurately targeting drug offenders. This is supported by the fact that nearly 50% of drug offenders in the Christmas of 2015 were caught with the assistance of the new rules and methods.

You are more vulnerable to being caught as a drug offender in the UK. You could be needing solicitors for driving offences. The new systems, rules and methods to catch drug offenders increase the chances of a driver being caught. The police forces also received additional funds in order to tackle drug cases. The finances were used to train officers, buy drug screening equipment and pay for samples that required analysis.

The Government’s move to campaign against drink and drug driving results from this increase. There was the Think! Campaign in 2015 and 2016 aimed at changing the attitudes of drivers towards drink driving.There was also another campaign introduced to help with the increased number of drink & drug driving. The Christmas drink and drive campaign is also meant to lower the number of drug and drink driving cases across England and Wales.

This year has had the ‘What’s the Cost’ drink drug drive campaign from December 1, 2017, to January 1, 2018. This led to the police force testing thousands of drivers in major cities across the country. Following this, more offenders were caught in the Christmas of 2017 than in that of 2016.

Arguments are that limits for the 8 illegal drugs in the UK are set are extremely low levels. This has led to so many drivers failing the drug test.Solicitors for driving offences offer legal support if you get caught drink and drug driving. You are more likely to get caught as a drug offender these days.

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