What Are The Penalties For Not Reporting A Road Accident?

Road Accidents

If you have had an accident on the road then there are a few things that you should think of immediately. The first priority should be to ensure that your accident is not causing danger to other road users. The same as if there had been an accident at your home or workplace it is important to clear the space and to consider the safety of others. National safety standards have been compiled to help us make sure that our homes and workplaces are a safe environment for people to be, with a motoring solicitor able to help.

These safety standards should be readily available for all to see and read to enable all to work within these guidelines. Companies must keep a log book to record any accidents when they are reported. It is for the good of everyone so they can be aware of situations and so help prevent further accidents happening. If you are at work and you witness an accident then it is your responsibility to report that event to your health and safety department. Failure to do this could well result in others becoming hurt due to this failure and the correction of the problem that caused the accident.

Most companies now have specific staff responsible for ensuring that health and safety laws are in place and adhered to. The health and safety representative’s job is to check that the whole company is working within the guidelines of the Health and Safety Act. If accidents are not cleared up and step taken to help prevent further occurrences more individuals may be hurt. It is therefore very important that all employees take responsibility and report any accidents they may see, in case a motoring solicitor gets involved.

Failing to report an accident is not the appropriate behaviour of a responsible person. It should never be acceptable to fail to report an accident this person could well be considered responsible should a further mishap occur due to the negligence of not reporting the incident and the affected area made safe after the hazard. If the hazard is something spilled on the floor, for example, water or oil that leaves a slippery surface and it is not clearly marked it may cause someone to slip and be injured.

If this is due to a work colleagues failure to report the spillage it shows lack of consideration for others. Perhaps a machine is faulty and not working quite as it should then again, this needs to be reported for the welfare of all concerned. There are millions of car accidents each year, causing millions of injuries and thousands of fatalities. Even those accidents that do not cause serious injury may cause serious damage to property, costing thousands of dollars to repair and replace.

Those who have been involved in a car accident know how scary even minor situations can be and may have even felt unsure about which actions to take after the accident. All drivers, even those with perfect driving records who have never been involved in car accidents, should understand the basic steps of what to do after a car accident. Although crashes vary in severity, it is important to understand how to act whether you have been involved in a minor fender bender or in a more serious accident and when you should contact a motoring solicitor.

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