Some of the most unusual injury claims

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The personal injury statistics in the UK are astonishing. For example, did you know that Britons report 13,500 new cases of occupational cancer annually? Did you also know that the total cost of workplace injuries and illnesses amounts to £14.2 billion yearly? Unfortunately, many people wallow in silence because they do not realize that their case is worth prosecuting. Some of them consult legal experts on specific issues only. These issues include road accidents or negligence at work. Sadly, they do not realize that they can receive help from claims solicitors on the most unusual injury claims. Knowing some of these rare cases might encourage you to seek legal about something that you are experiencing.

Cathy McGowan Sues for a Real Car

Radio stations play pranks all the time. However, some of them might infringe upon the rights of their listeners. For example, a radio DJ told Cathy McGowan that she had won a car. More specifically, her prize was a Renault Clio, which is a sleek super-mini car. Cathy, who was 26 at the time, felt overjoyed. Unfortunately, she got a four-inch model of the car when she arrived at the station to pick up her prize. Cathy responded to this distasteful joke with a lawsuit. She pursued her case at the Derby County Court and the judge who heard it agreed with her. The radio station paid her £8,000 to help her buy the car.

The Gravedigger Who Fell Into a Hole

Most claims solicitors agree that this one is one of the most unusual injury claims. It involves a gravedigger whose job is modest. For example, these workers earn an average of £16,000 to £21,500 yearly. Fortunately, this gravedigger secured £65,000 in  compensation after he fell in a plot that he had dug. He suffered from a knee injury because of this fall. The ruling stated that a burial chamber collapse was the reason for his predicament. It further noted that Birmingham City was responsible for this incident because it had created an unsafe working system for the gravedigger.

Visitor Slips on a Sachet of Mayonnaise

Many claims solicitors argue that this one ranks highly among the most unusual claims injury. Their argument stems from the fact that it leads to a massive payment for a small incident. More specifically, someone was visiting a patient at Aintree University Hospital. The hospital is in Liverpool, England. The individual slipped on a sachet of mayonnaise. Then she received £16,000 in compensation because of this incident.

Interestingly, the hospital had paid £2.5m in various claims to other people from 2012 to 2013. One of these cases involved a visitor to the institution who had walked into its revolving entrance door. This visitor got £5,000 as compensation for this incident.

In conclusion, claims solicitors understand that the most unusual injury claims are an evolving situation. Perhaps you have an incident that would shock the world. For example, Lois Match am got £20,000 after slipping on fresh pigeon droppings under the Battersea Bridge. Another case involved a woman who got £15,000 after she fell into a ditch at Carlisle Castle. She was a trespasser at that time. Share your incidents with claims solicitors today even if they sound like the most unusual injury claims in history.


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